How to integrate Azure Information Protection with Exchange transport Rules

In this post we will discuss the current possibility of integration of the Azure Information Protection and Exchange Online products. In particular we will talk about how to generate a Exchange transport Rules based on  Azure Information Protection labels. We know that the normal is to use the Azure information protection client to apply permission-based templates and not forward template…

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How to manage Windows Defender Security Center with Intune

Today, many organizations are starting to manage their PCs with Intune. That is why today we will talk about how to manage in Windows 10 the Antivirus component (Windows Defender Security Center). Windows 10 Antivirus is based on a series of components called Windows Defender Security Center. Intune gives you the opportunity to manage Windows Defender Security Center to keep…

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Hybrid Azure AD Joined Devices

To take advantage of all modern features provided by Cloud Management (Azure Information Protection, Intune, Conditional Access), devices must be joined in Azure Active Directory. When devices are joined to both Azure Active Directory and Active Directory on Premises, we define them as Hybrid Azure AD Joined Devices. This Hybrid configuration, permit a smooth transition from traditional on Premises management…

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New Azure Information Protection client

  New version of Azure Information Client has been versioned with the build, this version was released with general availability on 06/26/2018. The new version provides the following fixes: For Outlook versions 16.0.9324.1000 and later (Click-to-Run), the Azure Information Protection bar supports the latest monitor display options that previously might result in the bar displaying outside the Outlook application.…

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Azure Information Protection Onboarding Policy

  Azure Information Protection is a solution kit to tag, give permissions and encrypt content. That is why when the deployment of the solution is in a pilot phase should be managed in the right way. In order to manage the deployment of AIP in the correct way, we advise you to do it with an onboarding policy, this means…

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How to enable SuperUser feature in Azure Information Protection

The role of Superuser, is a functionality available within the Azure Information Protection service. This functionality allows you to protect, unprotect, change permissions and track documents in which an encryption template has been applied. This functionality can be very useful in the following scenarios: An IT administrator needs to remove the current protection policy that was configured for files and…

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New Feature Windows Autopilot

With Windows Autopilot, the goal is to simplify deployment of new Windows 10 devices by eliminating the cost and complexity associated with creating, maintaining, and loading custom images. Windows Autopilot will revolutionize how new devices get deployed in your organization—now you can deliver new off-the-shelf Windows 10 devices directly to your users. With a few simple clicks, the device transforms…

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New Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture

Microsoft has presented the new security architecture diagram. This new diagram is described as Microsoft understands in the new ecosystem of Cybersecurity and shows us its portfolio of solutions. The Microsoft solution responds to all types of infrastructures (Cloud, Hybrid and On premises).   Go here to download the diagram: I hope it's of interest. Greetings.

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