New Azure Information Protection client


New version of Azure Information Client has been versioned with the build, this version was released with general availability on 06/26/2018.
The new version provides the following fixes:

  • For Outlook versions 16.0.9324.1000 and later (Click-to-Run), the Azure Information Protection bar supports the latest monitor display options that previously might result in the bar displaying outside the Outlook application.
  • Visual markings that you configure per Office application type now replace a header or footer that was previously applied by an Azure Information Protection label.
  • When an Excel file is already labeled and the label applies visual markings, a new sheet now also has the label’s visual markings applied.
  • When you use the advanced client setting to label an Office document by using an existing custom property, automatic labeling doesn’t override manual labeling.

We invite you to test the version in development environments before deploying in production.

You can download the following link:

AIP Client

Thank you very much for reading and I hope it was of your interest.

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